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White Fabric Cloth Duct Tape NZ - 200 Micron

Duct Tape

Prime Solutions cloth duct tape is an innovative and unique product that is designed to provide a strong and durable solution to seal ducts. This product features a cloth construction that makes it easy to wrap around the ducts.

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Save 19%
Light & Durable Hollow PP Corflute BoardsPP Corflute Sheets for Signage Construction Surface Protection
Sale priceFrom $119.99 NZD Regular price$147.99 NZD
PP Corflute Sheets for Signage Construction Surface Protection
Save 20%
Bubble Wrap Roll - 6CBubble Wrap Roll - 6C
Sale priceFrom $59.99 NZD Regular price$74.99 NZD
Bubble Wrap Roll - 6C (4 Options)
Save 20%
Strap Tensioner Tool - Medium/ Heavy Duty - For 13-25mm StrapStrap Tensioner Tool - Medium/ Heavy Duty - For 13-25mm Strap
Sale price$160.00 NZD Regular price$199.99 NZD
Strap Tensioner Tool - Medium/ Heavy Duty - For 13-25mm Strap
Save 35%
Strapping Corner Boards - 30 packStrapping Corner Boards - 30 pack
Sale priceFrom $12.99 NZD Regular price$19.99 NZD
Strapping Corner Boards NZ - 30 pack (7 Options)
Save 8%
Bubble Bag /Craft Bubble Envelope Bubble Bag /Craft Bubble Envelope
Sale priceFrom $59.99 NZD Regular price$64.99 NZD
Bubble Bag /Kraft Bubble Envelope Sets of 50, ( 3 Size Options)
Save 11%
Corrugated Cardboard Roll - 1.2m x 75mCorrugated Cardboard Roll - 1.2m x 75m
Sale price$133.99 NZD Regular price$149.99 NZD
Corrugated Cardboard Roll New Zealand - 1.2m x 75m
Save 25%
Pallet Wrapping Stretch Bands Pallet Wrapping Stretch Bands
Sale price$29.99 NZD Regular price$40.00 NZD
Pallet Wrapping Stretch Bands NZ
Save 38%
Safety Cutter Knife New ZealandSafety Cutter Knife New Zealand
Sale priceFrom $24.99 NZD Regular price$39.99 NZD
Safety Cutter Knife New Zealand (2 Options of Set of 10)
Save 5%
Plastic Strapping CornersPlastic Strapping Corners
Sale priceFrom $62.99 NZD Regular price$65.99 NZD
Plastic Strapping Corners NZ (2 Options)
Save 27%
White PE Foam SheetWhite Sheet PE Foam - 2mm - 1.2m x 100m
Sale price$120.99 NZD Regular price$164.99 NZD
White PE Foam Sheet for Underlay Packaging Protection-2mm Thick
Save 58%
Safety Strapping Long Knife  NZSafety Strapping Long Knife NZ
Sale price$24.99 NZD Regular price$59.99 NZD
Safety Strapping Long Knife NZ (Set of 10)

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